Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rectal Hygienics - Ultimate Purity

It's a month into twenty fuckin' fifteen and the best thing I've listened to so far is a band called Rectal Hygienics. I know what you're thinking, and yeah, this can go one of two ways. No, they're not a joke. Yes, this is a terrifyingly heavy album. Honestly, adjectives like heavy, violent, and brutal don't really do this record justice. I saw a blog post or forum comment somewhere where Rectal Hygienics were referred to endearingly as "pigfuck." Is that a genre? I'm not sure, but it encapsulates their sound nicely. This is a steaming pile of pigfuck. Anyway, if you dig early Swans and you're looking for a modern band with songwriting chops and an abrasive, noise-sludge aesthetic, you've found it. Ultimate Purity will be out on Permanent Records February 17th on black and cum colored vinyl (because of course), and you can stream one of the tracks below via Soundcloud.

- Steve

Friday, January 23, 2015

Haunted Leather - Gone So Long

The new (and last???) Haunted Leather record is available to download from their bandcamp for only ONE DOLLA, and it's arguably the bands best work to date. Zone out to some laid-back psych that's in no hurry to get anywhere in particular. Vinyl will be coming in the near-ish future on the always great Stolen Body Records

- Dan

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Myrrors - Arena Negra

The newest release on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records is a 12" psychedelic titan from Arizona's The Myrrors. The band has only shared one track with the masses so far, but trust me when I tell you that this record will be an early contender for many end-of-the-year lists. Stream the tranquil and meditative 2nd track, "Juanito Laguna," below and brace yourself for when the full LP is unleashed in March. Head over to bandcamp to preorder the LP/CD before they're all sold out.

- Dan

Monday, January 12, 2015

My Invisible Friend - s/t EP

Excellent shoegaze/psych mantras out of Italy. I've had the first two tracks of this three track EP on repeat all day. Can't wait to hear more from this trio. Listen to this one asap, and download it over at bandcamp.

- Dan

Friday, January 9, 2015


The LOVEBYRD cassette officially drops today and all pre-orders are in the mail! Thanks so much to everyone that has picked up a tape or download. We couldn't be more grateful for the support, and we hope to kick out some more jams soon. But for now, we'll have this one on repeat. Stream it below and grab a tape or download via bandcamp.

"Bands like Lovebyrd are always welcome to the roaster of ’60s inspired sounds! The boy/girl duo emit a loveable and admiring psychedelic pop/rock haze dressed up with a stimulating kraut groove and sun drenched pop hooks that sounds like classics! Just like Spinning Around where you can literally see the stardust of the past walking beside you on flesh and bones!" -

 "This short tape contains serious lysergic riffs worked into catchy sunshine-pop frameworks, and those passages you want from psychedelic rock songs that sound like they are flying you into outer space..." -

- Dan

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rubber Band Gun - Horror Sounds in Stereo

An impressive and mostly home-recorded one-man psychedelic pop mini-masterpiece out of New York. There's a huge variety of tracks with some absolute gems throughout the whole record. Support the hell out of this dude and name your price over at bandcamp. Thanks to Hana for bringing this one to my attention in the Ongakubaka Facebook group.

- Dan

Saturday, January 3, 2015

VIDEO: The Vickers - All I Need

New video from Florence-based psychers The Vickers. From their full-length released back in March. Pick up the LP over at their bigcartel.

- Dan

Friday, December 26, 2014

LOVEBYRD - s/t EP on Ongakubaka Records!

We're psyched to announce that the second release on Ongakubaka Records is also the first ever release from Southwest Germany's LOVEBYRD! We fell in love instantly with their laid-back psychedelic sound, and we think you guys will too. Whether it's the intergalactic space travels of "Spinning Around", the Temples-esque grooves of "Shot From the Sun", or the epic prologue and closing track, it's refreshing to hear a confident female-led psych band come out of the gate swinging. The digital version is available RIGHT NOW over at bandcamp, and the cassette, limited to 100 copies, can be preordered now (shipping 1/9/15). Check it!!!

- Dan

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

VIDEO: The Dunes - Badlands

I know tomorrow is Christmas, but if you're planning on doing a ton of peyote and going out into the desert to find God or something, Australian heavy psych-rockers The Dunes should be on your playlist. You can find "Badlands" on The Dunes' bandcamp page, or just lean back and soak in this trippy music video. It's like a spaghetti western filtered through the aesthetic of Lynch and Buñuel! I can't think of better holiday gift.

- Steve

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Best Albums of 2014

Welcome to the 8th (and hopefully not the last) OngakuBaka Top 10 albums of the year list. Before we jump right in to our picks, we’ll explain the guidelines for the selection process. 

 1. These records are in no particular order. 

2. No live records, “Best of” collections, box sets, or re-issues. The albums chosen had to be material released in 2014. 

 3. This is a collaborative effort between the two of us, and if we didn’t agree that an album deserved to make the cut, it didn’t make the list. 

 4. There are plenty of full-lengths we never got a chance to listen to, forgot about, or never had time to fully digest, so don't freak out if you don't see your personal favorite in our list. 

 With that said, here are our honorable mentions for 2014:

Tobacco - Ultima II Massage
Jesuslesfilles - Le grain d'or
Cool Ghouls - A Swirling Fire Burning Through the Rye
Temples - Sun Structures
The Cosmic Dead - Easterfaust
Godflesh - A World Lit Only By Fire
Shellac - Dude Incredible

And now, without further ado, our top 10 records of 2014:

1. Holy Wave - Relax

2. Kikagaku Moyo - Forest of Lost Children

3. Amen Dunes - Love

4. Ty Segall - Manipulator

5. Run the Jewels - RTJ2

6. Goat - Commune

7. The Cult of Dom Keller - The Second Bardo

8.  Protomartyr - Under Color of Official Right

9. Parquet Courts/Parkay Quarts - Sunbathing Animal/Content Nausea (we cheated)

10. Swans - To Be Kind