Friday, March 23, 2007

Battles - Mirrored

(LINK FIXED 9/4/07)

Holy shit. I really wasn't expecting much from this release, Battles has always been a band i've enjoyed but never been completely blown away by. That has changed completely with the release of Mirrored. It may be a bit premature, but this could end up being one of my favorite records of 2007. The band has taken their trademark math rock inspired sound and twisted it into something completely new and different in nearly every way. Apparenly they've been listening to a lot of Boredoms and Animal collective lately, and the result is an amazing avante garde pop record that you can shake your ass to.

- Steve

Download Mirrored


Jessica said...

am i missing something here? how do i download from that link?


ongakubaka said...

about halfway down the page there is a 3 number code that you type into the space next to it. then just click submit.

nothingwheel said...

Wow, haven't been blown away by an album like this in a long time. All my friends who love the EP's hate this album though, and I think the EP's are really lacking.