Monday, March 26, 2007

The Gerogerigegege - Mother Fellatio 7''

"One of the twisted giants of Japan's noise scene, Juntaro Yamanouchi's Gerogerigegege has been working out his particular obsessions with a flood of releases since his debut in 1985. In Japanese, Gerogerigegege is onomatopoeia for simultaneously vomiting and expelling diarrhea, and the sound of Yamanouchi's work often sounds like this played on instruments or as if it's meant to induce such behavior in the unprepared listener. Gerogerigegege's releases usually fall into two categories: noise and senzuri. Noise work is relying on feedback, processing, and distortion, sometimes using pop culture as a source, sometimes not. Senzuri work is pieces that include the sounds of a man masturbating -- all exaggerated moans and groans that last interminably. Even stranger, Yamanouchi has been able to reproduce both styles live, with the latter using Gero-30, a man who loves to masturbate in front of people -- leading to some notorious concerts in the Japanese underground scene. It's also one of the reasons his work has made it to the West -- it's everything one could hope for in a Japanese noise band, something so strange and transgressive that it demands attention."

This 7'' was released in 1993 and is one of the most destructive pieces of anything I think I've ever heard. Supposedly each explosion is an entirely new track. Listen and you'll know what I'm talking about. Tracklist posted below...

- Dan


A1 For The Same Man
A2 Do It To The Music
A3 Party
A4 Feel Good, Party Tyme
A5 Reach Up
A6 Keep On
A7 Jump To It
A8 Somebody Scream
A9 Scream For Daddy
A10 House Music
A11 Hot, Hot, Hot
A12 Hot For You
A13 Keet It Warm
A14 Getting Hot
A15 Peanut Butter
A16 Heobah
A17 Touch Me
A18 No Way
A19 Young Hearts Run Free
A20 Bad Times
A21 Love Hearthache
A22 You're No Good For Me
A23 Shake It Up Tonight
A24 Pock The House
A25 Ride The Rythm
A26 Get Down Friday Night
A27 Spread Love
A28 Fetish
A29 Face Against Ground
A30 Bondage
A31 New York
A32 Serenade
A33 Serial Clones
A34 Deadline 2
A35 North Valley
A36 Necron. X.
A37 Third Generation
A38 Shaved Girls
A39 Was
A40 Nostalgia
A41 Tomorrow
A42 Es Lebe Der Tod
A43 Reflex 3
A44 Criminal Passion
B1 Come With Me To The Casbah
B2 Souie Baby Souie
B3 California Hippy Murders Shake Your Tail Feather
B4 The Riddler
B5 Mad
B6 Three Roses
B7 The Evil Dope
B8 Scree...Arge
B9 Chickie Run
B10 Terrible Ivan
B11 Square Records
B12 Twistin In The Jungle
B13 Arms Ten Feet Long
B14 Mectpyo
B15 Symphony For A Genocide
B16 Tiumpth Of The Will
B17 Weltanscauung
B18 Menses
B19 Neuro Habitat
B20 Das Testament
B21 Regel
B22 Mectopyo Bakterium
B23 Plain Truth
B24 Carcinoci
B25 Endmetrio
B26 Armaghdon
B27 Blut
B28 Gene-P
B29 Nervo
B30 Hydra
B31 Atmique
B32 Industrial Mother
B33 Computers S. P. A
B34 Technology #1
B35 Technology #2
B36 Aktivitat
B37 Cold Tape
B38 Menses
B39 Hates Our Blief
B40 Mother Fellatio

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This link is down it would be great if you could reupload it.