Sunday, March 25, 2007

The King Khan & BBQ Show - S/T

When I started working at the radio station again a few months back, the girl that was training me told me that this album was going to save rock n' roll. While it certainly does not do that (who said rock n' roll needed saving anyway?), its still a fun record, and with the warm weather as of late I've found myself listening to it more and more. These guys are a drum and guitar duo that play upbeat, lo-fi rock that draws influences from 60's surf music and 50's doo-wop as well as classic garage rock groups like The Sonics. King Khan & BBQ certainly aren't reinventing the wheel here, and it's also entirely possible that they have chosen the worst band name of all time. Still, the songs are undeniably catchy, and thats what really matters. For your viewing pleasure I've also included their music video for "Waddlin' Around" which features both puppets and vomiting. Enjoy.

- Steve



Anonymous said...

Yeah, but that girl who trained us was one hell of a stupid dike anyway.

Oh, robot said...

I love your blog. I realize that this post is like, a thousand years old, but I still wanted to say something.

I got up to this page after six million mouse clicks...

As you can tell.. I like writing out #'s in their long form.

Hee hee.


Anonymous said...

can you please repost this

Anonymous said...

Hi, Link doesnt work - can you please fix?