Thursday, March 29, 2007

UFO or Die - Cassettetape Superstar

UFO or Die is a side project of two Boredoms members, drummer Yoshimmy P-We (who also fronts OOIOO) and frontman and resident genius Yamatsuka Eye. Rounding out the group is Katsumi, guitarist for the noise rock band Omoide Hatoba. At its inception, Yoshimmy P-We and Eye called the band Hasty Snail Baby, but after the inclusion of Katsumi they settled on the more evocative but less visceral UFO or Die. This record, Cassettetape Superstar, was originally released by Public Bath in 1993; for some reason they decided on a re-release in 2000. As the title indicates, it's at once a throwback to the early days of punk, when it was predicted that the punk-inspired craze of taping albums would ruin the record industry (sound familiar?), and an indication of the album's lo-fi aesthetic. Twenty-three tracks of Eye thrashing around in a bathtub with toys strapped to him (that's what he does) -- so yeah, it's another cool album. -



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I still have it on colored vinyl, but would love a digi copy since I rarely listen to my records these days.

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