Thursday, April 12, 2007

Deerhunter - Fluorescent Grey EP

(LINK FIXED 4/28/08)

This EP is the followup to Deerhunter's solid sophomore release Cryptograms. The songs on Cryptograms were great because they slowly built tension over ambient tracks and then crushed your body into druggy splinters with an LSD soaked avalanche of psychedelic noise. With Fluorescent Grey the band seems to be heading in a different, but equally effective direction with their music. This EP feels much more condensed, and instead of building songs up Deerhunter goes straight for the jugular. These songs aren't nearly as experimental, but the songwriting is still top notch. Don't pass this shit up kids.

- Steve

Download Fluorescent Grey EP

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Imonni Vintage said...

The file is invalid for some reason.. I really wanted to download this EP :(

Let me know once it's fixed, thanks!!