Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Of Montreal - Pre Cherry Peel Demos

This album is a collection of demos recorded by the band that pre-date the original release of Cherry Peel. You'll recognize most of the tracks from other releases, but there are a few you haven't heard. Those, like me, who miss the old sound of Of Montreal will appreciate this collection of tunes. Those who prefer the new sound, or don't even know Of Montreal existed before the Outback Steakhouse commercial, are sadly missing out, but they will be very happy to know that the band will be making an appearance April 12th on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

- Dan


01 - Dreaming Of You
02 - Waiting On The Weather
03 - Lovely Notes
04 - Sleeping In The Beatle Bug
05 - Don't Ask Me To Explain
06 - Does My Voice Not Have Wings
07 - I Can't Stop Your Memory
08 - On The Drive Home
09 - Unknown
10 - Big Tittied Sluts
11 - Springtime Is The Season
12 - Garden Gate World
13 - Montreal
14 - Happiness + Love
15 - Scenes From My Funeral
16 - Panda Bear
17 - When You're Loved Like You Are



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Holy smokes. Thanks so much! Wow, can't believe the link still worked so many years later. You're wonderful!