Sunday, April 15, 2007

Parts & Labor - Mapmaker

It's pretty rare for a band to be able pull off an album such as this one, but Parts & Labor have managed to do so. Punk rhythms and catchy pop-like vocals, but plenty of noise for those noisy kids. The first track, "Fractured Skies", sets you up for something pretty special, complete with a horn section with a rhythm that feels similar to those heard on a Neutral Milk Hotel record. Although Neutral Milk Hotel is not a likely influence, one can definitely hear an obvious Hüsker Dü influence, which works out quite nicely. Overall, I'm looking forward to seeing these guys with Adult. on May 5th, and I am extremely pleased that there is a band out there, with a sound like this, that can thoroughly entertain my picky ass.

- Dan


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