Thursday, May 10, 2007

Holy Fuck - Holy Fuck EP


Although this EP is not nearly as good as their full length released in 2005, Holy Fuck continues to bring their own brand of progressive instrumental electronic rock. To name your band Holy Fuck is pretty bold in the first place, but I would imagine it to be the first thing out of many mouths after listening to their album or catching them live. I've heard rave reviews concerning their live shows, and I'm not entirely sure why I've managed to miss the last three times they've hit the Magic Stick in Detroit, but I'm sure I'll catch them someday and end up hating myself for missing all of the previous shows.

- Dan


Anonymous said...

i just saw them open for cornelius in nyc tonight and they were definitely solid. they pulled the whole room up to the stage and had many heads moving.

i reserve my actual "holy fuck" moment for cornelius, though. hadn't seen him since fantasma tour, and his show was an amazing fusion of light and sound.

blackmold said...

drink about 4 24oz beers at the venue and get ready for some goddamn fun... then fuck your girlfriend afterwards... this band is retarted good... dont listen to that asshole above