Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Killing Joke - S/T + Almost Red EP

Following the trend of a lot of my posts as of late, Killing Joke is a band that was in their prime in the early 80's, and they do not give a flying fuck about anything. Trent Reznor, Ministry, and Justin Broderick all owe their entire musical careers to the guys in Killing Joke. I'm partial to the band's earliest work where they straddled the line between aggressive and cold sounding post punk and dance music. I should also mention that singer Jaz Coleman's vocals are absolutely frightening at times. Actually the whole band scares me a bit. At some point in the 80's they got really involved with the occult and moved to Iceland because they believed the Apocalypse was coming. I'm posting the band's debut EP Almost Red as well as their self titled first full length. Its been awhile since I last posted, and both of these are records that need to be heard.

- Steve


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