Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Letter To The Readers

It seems as though this blog has finally grown to the point where people other than our girlfriends are reading it. With the increase in readers comes more criticism, and even complaints about the albums we upload. I've decided to address this once and only once. After that I'm not going to waste my time responding. This is an MP3 blog, not some outlet for my bullshit rambling.

"The albums featured on this blog are for PREVIEWING purposes only. It is encouraged that you support the bands/artists by purchasing their albums."

...and we mean it. Contrary to the beliefs of a few people, Dan and myself are not out to destroy independent record labels and bands. We created this blog because we both love music and want to share our favorite bands and records with as many people as we can. We provide these albums in mp3 form, but we ask that our readers do the ethical thing and support these bands by purchasing records and going to shows. Some will, others won't. One thing that will not have any effect on whether or not these people purchase the records found on this blog is the number of Mp3 files we post. If uploading entire albums makes me the fucking prince of assholes, then hand me my crown. Don't kid yourself here. If we only uploaded a few songs, people with no intentions of ever buying these records would simply hop on Limewire, Kazaa, Soulseek, or any number of other filsharing programs, FTP servers, or blogs and get them anyway. We also provide albums that are long out of print or so rare they are nearly impossible to obtain. I didn't lose any sleep after posting that one of a kind Velvet Underground test pressing.

So remember, if you like what hear go to a show,buy an album, tell your friends about the bands. If you're in a band or a representative from a label and don't feel the same way we do about music just ask us to take your shit down and we will.

Cassette tapes didn't kill the music industry and the internet won't either, I promise.

Now watch this video of
Dave Yow rocking the fuck out, getting hit in the head with a bottle, and then continuing to rock the fuck out.

- Steve


Anonymous said...

i totally agree, thanks for keeping on posting great stuff. because i heard it first by downloading it off this blog, i'm going to buy the new melt-banana as soon as possible.

*snicker* said...

Who are you kidding, you guys don't have girlfriends.

Anonymous said...

i love your journal, you have great taste. continue updating, and i'll continue going to shows and buying overpriced tees.