Sunday, May 13, 2007

Marnie Stern - In Advance Of The Broken Arm


I'm not sure why I didn't post this awhile back, and for those who have not heard this yet, this is essential listening. Marnie Stern is perhaps the most badass female out there right now, well at least the most badass female guitarist. The album is almost entirely finger tapping, backed by the drumming of Hella's Zach Hill, and, in my opinion, her album easily surpasses the latest Hella release. She's been touring the country solo (with the help of her ipod), but has decided to tour this summer with a full band, which, if she knows what's good for her, better come to Detroit. Yes, the album does get tedious, but this is pretty solid work. The final track, "Patterns of a Diamond Ceiling", ensures this album will make an appearance in my top 20 for the year.

- Dan

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Anonymous said...

yo dude. marnie stern is DOPE! i fuckin love it but you my friend are a complete retard because anything by zach hill is fucking gold.