Saturday, June 30, 2007

Giddy Motors - Make It Pop

(Link Fixed 9/17/07)

Giddy Motor's Make It Pop is probably my favorite release from 2002, and one of the most impressive debut records from a band in recent memory. This one has stood the test of time thus far as well, rarely leaving my car's stereo or iPod. From the opening track's drum roll and howl from singer Gaverick de Vis, this album never lets up once, assaulting the listener with some downright devastating music. What makes the album so damn good though is the band's fantastic rhythm section, relying heavily on tribal like drumming and at times sending songs into amazing free-jazz freak outs complete with wailing saxophone. Steve Albini's production on Make It Pop is nearly flawless as well. I don't think I could find something negative to say about this record if I tried.

- Steve



Jessica said...

i like the album art.

Anonymous said... is dead
please reupload!
I want to listen this music

ongakubaka said...

link is fixed.