Sunday, June 17, 2007

godheadsilo - Skyward in Triumph


"Contrary to what you've heard, ghS is not a two-man project. That's what they'd have you believe, what with their drummer and bass player oozing sludge like a deranged anus. No, my friends, there's really six people here: ghS and Black Sabbath. No, really. If you don't see visions of Ozzy while spinning tracks like "Booby Trap" and "Buttress of Solitude," then you're too busy listening to Ozzmosis. (Sidenote: I knew a guy who went through rehab with Ozzy and swore up and down that Mr. Osbourne was a really cool, gentle natured guy. I believe that, but I'd also add that he sucks now.) Meanwhile, back at the review, all was going nicely. godheadSilo won me over and was singing their praises. The sun was shining. People in foreign countries were bleeding. A small child lay outside my apartment window, rolling around in a puddle of his own sick. I took a slug of whiskey and danced around to the title track, complete with rap by Calvin Johnson. When I finished, I put the disc away and started another review...." - Pitchfork

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MMelton said...

dude he didn't say they sucked period, he said they sucked NOW. Which, I don't really agree with either. Their just old.