Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Growing - Vision Swim

Growing is a duo of guys that create droning ambient rock that incorporates elements of electronic music as well as pure noise. Instead of focusing entirely on how many layers of loud down tuned feedback the group can create (as many of their contemporaries do), Growing instead invites the listener to get lost in the many subtleties of their compositions. The glacial pace of the album and the fact that this record isn't exactly a toe tapper might turn some people off. However, if you're patient or just high as balls this will be a rewarding listening experience.

- Steve


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Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm Joseph/Weird Ribs
Heres a present for you, it's my new release Weird Ribs.
Inflences include Emeralds, Growing, pocahaunted, Kraftwerk Suicide, Brian Eno