Sunday, June 10, 2007

High Rise - Disallow

1. Disallow
2. Whirl
3. Sadame
4. Ikon
5. Grab

I was very excited to come across this LP yesterday at Flat, Black, and Circular in Lansing for only $6.50. Heavily influenced by bands such as Blue Cheer and early Japanese psychedelic rockers, Les Rallizes Denudes, High Rise's fifth overall release, Disallow, brought the heavy spherical psych sound to an entirely new level. Fans of Acid Mothers Temple have most likely already heard this band, but I'm sure a handful of Comets on Fire fans didn't even know this band had existed. Highly recommended. Although the quality of the video below is very poor, it will give you an idea of how incredible their live shows must have been.

- Dan

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