Monday, June 4, 2007

The Wipers - Is This Real? + Rarities

Go ahead and file Greg Sage and his band The Wipers under "musical geniuses that got no recognition at all when they were in their prime" right next to Big Star, Love, and The Sonics. The music here is no frills guitar-bass-drums rock n' roll, and the true genius shines through when you realize just how simple most of the songs are. Many of them consist of only a few chords, but somehow with each listen you'll discover something new to love about them. Kurt Cobain loved the Wipers so much he spent the better part of his career trying his best to play guitar like Greg Sage. A lot of the Wiper's best work is out of print so do yourself a favor and pick up The Wipers box set. It's only $25, and comes with remastered versions of the band's first three records.

- Steve

Download Is This Real?

Download Rarities


Anonymous said...

Thanks man!
I listened to this one the first time when I was 15 or so and I said: "yeah, thats it". Before this I wasn't a big friend if guitar music. If anybody don't know it ! download it ! it will maybe change your life.

Michael Casanova said...

I just bought Is this Real this summer and it totally changed the way i played guitar. I listen to it at least 4 times a day and its been that way since june. Kickass. Thanks Wipers forever

Anonymous said...

i couldn't unarchive this.

Anonymous said...

This is top stuff. Thank you SO much for uploading this. I've been searching for Wipers' material for centuries.

Unknown said...

the link is broken :(