Thursday, July 5, 2007

Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam

Warning: Before you listen to this album, throw out every expectation you may have. Ignore previous albums and side projects. There's no doubt this is AC, and standing alone, this album is wonderful, but listeners expecting to hear something that lives up to the greatness of Feels (for example: me) will be thoroughly disappointed. I'm currently on my second spin of the record, and, fortunately, it is already growing on me. It almost sounds like an adolescent version of Feels, with a strange innocence to both it's lyrics as well as it's sound.

- Dan

Download Strawberry Jam


Lee said...

it's a super terrific album, as good as any AC, and jeez, if AC aint' the best band alive, then it must be the Liars.
thanks for your sharing. I will buy this album when it comes out.

Valentin said...

Damn. A good one. tnx.