Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Blow - Paper Television

Paper Television was released late last year to consistent positive reviews, but for whatever reason I remained defiant to giving it a listen, but little did I know, until a few months back, how inventive this album actually is. Great production, suprisingly interesting lyrics, charming vocals, and a perfect example of how to find alternatives within any genre. Unfortunately, the duo have already gone their seperate ways, with the male half choosing to pursue his solo project YACHT, but there's no doubt they left on a very high note. Some will fall in love with this album and embrace it instantly, and others will find it to be more of a guilty pleasure, but either way I promise this album will make both your vaginas and manginas moist. This is about as good as pop gets. Posted below is a well-made mashup video for the track "Parentheses".

- Dan

Download Paper Television

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