Thursday, July 19, 2007

Suicidal Birds - Versus Life

There is something instantly likeable about this female guitar/bass duo. With the help of outdated amps, homemade pedals, and a drum machine, these girlies hailing from the Netherlands can make some pretty catchy punk/blues/garage rock tunes. Their sound is described on their website as "drenched in raw passion...intense, urgent, confronting, personal, sometimes treacherously playful, exciting and inescapable, with a voice full of character, uncompromisingly distorted guitar - and vocal sounds and at times overwhelming sound-orgy. they manage to give feelings of doubt craziness, tragedy, sex and drugs, hope and despair, believe and disbeleive. a musical fomat deeply rooted in the blues combined with the energy of punk emphasizing the rough and readiness, weirdness, and wilderness that s so essential in rock and roll." Below is a video for the track "Friendly Land".

- Dan

Download Versus Life

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