Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sunn O))) - Oracle

If Satan rose from hell and decided to start a metal band for the sole purpose of finding the elusive brown note, it would probably sound a lot like this record, or any release from the crowned princes of doom metal, Sunn O))). I could go on and try to describe this band and this record to you, but I think Stephen O'Malley, one half of Sunn O)) and owner of their label Southern Lord has already summed up the band quite well with his description on their website:

"SUNN 0))) is the heavy rock equivalent of an institutional-size dose of Largactyl; when you finally get down, you stay down. SUNN 0))) makes sounds of weather formation size meditations, as monolithic as a brick of monosludge. SUNN 0))) music is huge and simple, like a future race of technologists who forgot how to build microchips so had to return to factory-sized computers. Its shamanic appeal is considerably enlivened by the sub-bass disfigurations caused to all bowels in the immediate proximity, whilst the lead guitar clings to your torso like a butter knife spreading Philly Lite first on a piece of toast, then on the bread board, then across the counter over the fridge and up the walls into adjacent rooms."

- Steve

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can you please fix it ? thx !
can you please fix it ? thx !
can you please fix it ? thx !
can you please fix it ? thx !
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