Monday, August 27, 2007

Baroness - The Red Album

Baroness is probably one of the hardest working bands in music, so I'm glad they finally have gotten a chance to release an album on a label like Relapse so that more people can be exposed to them. It seems the sole goal of this Georgia based group has been to write and record songs that attempt to combine nearly every sub genre of metal all at once. This is probably why it's taken the band so long to gain success despite constantly touring; they are impossible to pigeonhole. Baroness will often pummel their listeners with monolithic Doom inspired riffs, only to revert to an intricate, almost ambient inspired soundscape or some killer guitar harmonics that hearken back to the days when Iron Maiden weren't old and shitty. I'm personally much more fond of the band's debut and sophomore releases (the appropriately titled First and Second) but The Red Album is certainly worth checking out.

- Steve

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