Thursday, August 30, 2007

Birds of Avalon - Bazaar Bazaar

(LINK REMOVED 8/30/07)

The guys in Birds of Avalon really wish that it was 1974. Unlike other bands with a similar mindset (the no talent Tony Iommi riff stealing dildos in Wolfmother instantly come to mind) Birds of Avalon seem to be influenced by a wide variety of classic rock bands (Cheap Trick, .38 Special, Pink Floyd) and most of the time create songs that wouldn't sound too out of place along side these bands on any classic rock station. I personally didn't get a lot out of this release, but it isn't bad and I'm sure some of you will get a kick out of it.

- Steve


reid said...

Hi, would kindly remove the link to download this album.

"The albums featured on this blog are for PREVIEWING purposes only. It is encouraged that you support the bands/artists by purchasing their albums."

If some wants to preview the entire Birds of Avalon album, they can visit this microsite: Birds of Avalon - Bazaar Bazaar

ongakubaka said...

sure thing.