Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Deerhunter - Deerhunter


During their live set in Detroit, the drama queen lead singer, Bradford Cox (who blogs here), encouraged the crowd to not purchase this album, which is unfortunate because it is the only material the band has released that doesn't bore me to death, so download your little heart out, guilt-free. Their self-titled debut (which is more commonly known as "Turn it Up Faggot" now) is early Liars-esque. Danceable, noisy, fractured punk rock. Although it is entertaining, I can understand why the band dislikes it, as the tracks tend to blend into one another. Worth a listen though.


Download Deerhunter


Joel said...

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

deerhunter rocks your balls and you don't even know it yet. thanks for putting this up, but it's probably best if you didn't buy into pitchfork hype and just listened to music for the sake of it. i think that the fluorescent grey ep is some of their best material. it's all good. get over yourself.

ongakubaka said...

If I bought into Pitchfork hype, I would love the band, seeing as their last two releases have scored over 8.5, and I tend to agree with Pitchfork 90% of the time, but their tunes did not translate well into their live show for me. Just because something doesn't click with me doesn't mean it isn't good, and trying to convince someone that they should like something for the sake of liking it means they are the one that needs to get over themselves. I apologize for a contrasting opinion, but that's music, correct?

Katrina said...

Gives me a migraine.