Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Dirty Projectors - Rise Above

Though I can't say I've always loved every release from The Dirty Projectors, I've always admired Dave Longstreth's unique take on pop compositions and the singer/songwriter genre. Really the only thing I've come to expect from Longstreth is an unconventional listening experience with each new record. Rise Above is certainly no exception, and just might be the most ambitious (and as far as concept records go, flat out strange) Dirty Projectors' release yet. Apparently, Longstreth was a big Black Flag fan in his youth, and decided to cover the entire Damaged album from memory alone. Quite a feat considering he claims to have not heard the album since his adolescence. The resulting record, Rise Above is really an admirable piece of work. While bits of Black Flag seem to float to the surface every now and then, most of the songs take on a whole new life, completely unlike the original compositions. If you're looking for something different, download Rise Above right now.

- Steve

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