Monday, August 20, 2007

Frode Haltli - Passing Images

This album was an unexpected suprise to my ears, and will most likely end up in my top 10 of 2007 after just one spin through the record. Frode Haltli is a Norwegian accordian player who does a lot more than just play the instrument. The various emotions and range of intensity and beauty that he can create through that single instrument is quite shocking. Backed by bizarre female vocals, a few other instruments, and a few field recordings, the album is continuously unpredictable. Imagine the arrangements of A Hawk and a Hacksaw mixed with the vocal slobbering gibberish (listen to track 2 and 4) heard on Boredoms Pop Tatari (if you're a Boredoms fan you'll know what I'm trying to explain), and you've got Frode Haltli's latest album. Brilliant.

- Dan

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Cian said...

I've been recently enjoying this album recently, it's got a great cast of Norwegian musicians on it. The female vocals on it are by Maja Ratkje, who is something of a renaissance figure, who is definately worth checking out. She is a composer, improv musician (in the band SPUNK), noice musician (the bone crushing Fe-mail) and works on somewhat extreme vocals (such as her solo albums Voice and Stalker). If you get a chance you should definately check out more of her stuff!

The trumpeting is by the equally impressive arve henriksen, who does some great stuff on his own and with the Supersilet collective.

p. said...

where did you found it ?
thanks for sharing **