Sunday, August 19, 2007

High On Fire - Death Is This Communion

It's sad that we live in a world where the term "metal" is generally attached to groups consisting of guys wearing girls pants and trucker hats or euro-dorks dressed up like professional wrestlers and singing about riding around on the magic dog from "The NeverEnding Story" and slaying dragons. High On Fire are just three regular guys who used to play in badass bands like Sleep and The Melvins. No gimmicks here, just well written songs that happen to be heavier than a ton of bricks. After listening through Death Is This Communion twice I already enjoy just as much, if not more than their phenomenal 2005 release, Blessed Black Wings, which is saying quite a bit.

- Steve

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Anonymous said...

just wanted to say that music magazine darlings like SUNNO))
or HIGH ON FIRE and KHANATE would like very much to release such classics as''METAL HEART''or
DON'T BREAK THE OATH''or BRITISH STEEL''that some EURO DORKS used to make...but they just can't

Steve said...

I don't think its really fair to compare khanate and sunn o)) to early Judas Priest. Two different styles entirely. Also theres no denying that england has spawned some great metal bands.

when I say "euro-dorks" it's a reference to shit like this:

Buck said...

I got this yesterday, and I don't think it's going to be leaving my ears for the next few weeks. The Melvins connection was burnt halfway through the Blessed Black Wings tour when Joe Preston left. He's been replaced by the bassist of Zeke. But still, shit goes off. Good blog you've got going here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at the top is clearly a dimwit.

Metal out!