Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Numbers - Now You Are This

The new Numbers is album is a huge step up from the last album. With 2005s We're Animals, I found myself waiting and waiting for the upbeat charming dance pop goodness heard on their earlier releases, but is just never came (although "Fuck You Garage" is probably my favorite track by them), and, after catching their dull live show a few years back, I slowly began to lose faith in them. Now You Are This is a much more entertaining album from the band, maintaining the charming vocals previously heard, but leaving behind the single tone succession of sounds, making it similar to their 2005 release in ways, but with a louder Krautrock influence. Sounds a little like the huggable vocals/guitar rhythms of Deerhoof mixed with a louder version of the incessant buzz heard on any Broadcast album. You'll like it a little more after each listen.

- Dan

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Anonymous said...

thanks for uploading all these great bands. they're hard to find. <3

Anonymous said...

Link no longer works