Sunday, August 26, 2007

Total Request Live

The Weakerthans - Reunion Tour

Heart-on-your-sleeve indie rock that is full of great hooks and a surprising level of maturity. Fans of the group's previous records will not be disappointed.

Reunion Tour

Best Fwends - Alphabetically Arranged

A mixture of snotty punk rock and trashy pop music played by two guys that don't take themselves too seriously and more than likely have A.D.D.

Alphabetically Arranged

Power Pill Fist - Extra Life

Black Moth Super Rainbow side project that combines Nintendo inspired blips and bleeps with straight up noise.

Download Extra Life

satanstompingcaterpillars - The Most Wonderfulest Thing

Pre-Black Moth Super Rainbow band, featuring the majority of the members of BMSR if I'm not mistaken. This is some very strange, but at the same time, very beautiful low-key psychedelic pop music. Definitely check this album out.

Download The Most Wonderfulest Thing

- Steve


hildawg said...

thanks, stevie! wanna go out sometime?

ongakubaka said...

No problem, and thanks for the offer but I'm taken.

Anonymous said...

thanks very much for fulfilling my request! i'm gonna listen to this stuff right now!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the downloads!

Although, on "Extra Life" you're missing the first track "Bobby Go Home."

Would you also happen to have Power Pill Fist's collab with Bony Legs? "Thoust Pain Is Thine Angre"

Anonymous said...

thanks for this.
but the 1st track is missising...

any chance to have it ?

thanks again. **