Sunday, September 23, 2007

Clockcleaner - Babylon Rules

(LINK FIXED 11/7/07)

Babylon Rules is ugly. Really ugly. In fact, if I were to attempt to equate Clockcleaner's latest album (and first for the Load label) with something, it would probably be a violent naked homeless man with cataracts breaking glass bottles over his head. This ugly and often confrontational style of music that Clockcleaner plays is really what makes them such a great band. At first they may come off as unpolished punk rockers with a love of Big Black and Flipper. With repeated listens, this record begins to reveal itself as extremely intelligent, focused music with a relentless rhythm section and a singer with a vocal style that can only be described as unsettling.

- Steve

Download Babylon Rules


Liquid Dilemma said...

great blogspot man, amazing music!
keep up the good work!!!

just started one of my own, check:

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for this. i'd heard the hassler and nevermind and thought they were pretty good, but this new one really blew me away. i'm definitely gonna buy it when it comes out.

Dylan said...

Caliente Queen won't open for me