Wednesday, September 12, 2007

His Name Is Alive - XMMER

(LINK REMOVED 9/15/07)

Believe it or not, music comes out of Detroit that can't be lumped into the garage rock or electronic music genres. His Name Is Alive is the long running musical outlet of Livonia native Warren Defever. To call HNIA eclectic would be a vast understatement. Warren really has a wide variety of musical interests, and often does his best to fit every single one of them into his recordings. His Name Is Alive does not give a fuck about genres and trends, which is a big breath of fresh air. This album seems to be a bit more on the poppy side, mostly mixing fuzzed out guitars with ethereal female vocals. I'd say that XMMER is the band's best work in well over a decade, and an essential download.

- Steve


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