Friday, September 21, 2007

Ruins - Stonehenge

As far as I know, this 1990 release from Ruins is the oldest that can be found on the internet, and this is actually the 1999 rerelease of the album which includes 7 additional tracks recorded in 1988, which all rule. Quite a few tracks found on their singles compilation are taken from this very album. This is my favorite release of theirs that I've heard, although I would kill to hear more of their tracks from their earliest EPs. Progressive, aggressive, and unusually catchy.

- Dan

Download Stonehenge


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this upload man, it rocks. As well for the other Ruins and Boris ones.
Keep on sharing!

common era said...

Huge thanks for the upload. Having been scouring the web for this album, but its rare and is now demanding huge figures [well, for me they are huge]. Have been blown away by Ruins since first hearing them.

You made my day!

nothingwheel said...

been looking for old Ruins stuff, thanks for uploading this.

Melvillain said...

Thanks for providing such great tunes. I've just recently discovered these guys and I'm looking forward to listening to this album.

mayhnaus said...

That's definitely not the oldest record by Ruins. You can quite simply find around the internet their EP called Ruins II

1987 RUINS II (12")
Trans Records: TRANS 22

human being
makarom iyaike

birth control
essential logic

produced by RUINS. recorded at TELECOM studio in spring, 1987.

Unknown said...

i meant the oldest you can download. if you've got Ruins II please share

C. Knight said...

The bonus tracks are from Ruins' debut full-length entitled "Ruins III", which was reissued in the '90s as "Infect" containing both the original recordings and an alternate mix by Ruins drummer Tatsuya Yoshida. The album contains 12 songs and shows up sometimes on Soulseek. There's also a CD called "II & 19 Numbers" which contains the EPs released prior to the album as well as bonus tracks, AND another CD entitled "Early Works" which collects assorted rarities from the same pre-Stonehenge era. They also show up on Soulseek now and again. All great stuff, highly recommended.

Ozzy said...

Yeah, thanks duuude.

DarkHadez said...

Thanks. I'm a great fan of sophisticated HC such as NoMeansNo, Fugazzi and so on.

Himo said...

You can re-upload this album? thanks.

Anonymous said...

please can you re-up more ruins! i can't find any of their stuff anywhere!