Wednesday, September 5, 2007

T-Model Ford - Pee Wee Get Your Gun

T-Model Ford didn't learn how to play the guitar until he was 58, and didn't make his first recording (this album) until 1997, when he was 76. Born, raised, and currently living in the Mississippi Delta, this is energetic blues with some credibility. It's pretty much lo-fi The Black Keys, except Ford actually IS a black man in his 70s.

- Dan

1. Cut You Loose
2. T-Model Theme Song
3. Been A Long Time
4. Turkey And The Rabbit
5. Can't Be Touched
6. Nobody Gets Me Down
7. I'm Insane
8. Where You Been
9. Feels So Bad
10. Sugar Farm
11. Let Me in

Download Pee Wee Get Your Gun


endless sleep said...

T-Model is amazing..check out the fat possum documentary..

De Barracas Al Mundo said...

permission denied to download