Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wizardzz - Hidden City of Taurmond

If you're not in the mood for gimmicky horror themed punk rock, try downloading this instead. Wizardzz is Brian Gibson of Lightning Bolt and Rich Porter of Bug Sized Mind creating music that combines synth pop with noise rock. If Lighting Bolt recorded a video game soundtrack, it would probably sound a lot like this.

- Steve

Download Hidden City of Taurmond

V.A. - The Return of The Living Dead OST

EDIT: The more I think about it, the more I realize The Return of The Living Dead soundtrack is superior to the compilation I had up earlier. Happy Halloween.

- Steve

Download The Return of The Living Dead OST

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm Not There - OST

Not much to say about this one. Bands and artists covering Bob Dylan. There's some good stuff on here, and I'm incredibly excited to see the movie. It's a pretty large file so give yourself 30 to 45 minutes to download.

- Dan

Download I'm Not There

Monday, October 29, 2007

Com.a - Shot of Love

Bought this CD on ebay for $3. I've had this album on my hard drive for years, but just got the hard copy of it in the mail today. Com.a makes electronic music exactly the way I want to hear it. His sound varies from abrasive, chunky, sample heavy, rock-the-fuck-out tracks, to huggable 8-bit serenades. Imagine the electronic trickery of Kid606, Venetian Snares, and Squarepusher mixed with the quirky drugged out pop of DAT Politics. A perfect sound for the Tigerbeat6 label.

- Dan

Download Shot of Love

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ryoji Ikeda - 1000 Fragments

I uploaded this album in the shoutbox of another blog for some people, so I figured I would post it here too. Every sound Ryoji Ikeda has created throughout his carrer has been incredibly interesting to me. The first half of this album contains pieces of his early work, and the second half could be considered the actual album. His work with sine waves and sound oscillation is only appreciated by the trained listener, but should be heard by all. This album perfectly replicates what it may sound like if you were to travel into space without a suit, hearing nothing besides your beating heart and the ringing in your ears. If space is out of the question for you, I suggest turning off the lights, putting on some headphones, and listening to this significant experiment in sound.

- Dan

Download 1000 Fragments

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Volcano Suns - The Bright Orange Years

(LINK FIXED 8/24/08)

I might as well post this record as well because it sort of goes hand in hand with my last post. In the mid-80's Mission of Burma had to call it quits because the insanely high volume of their live shows coupled with constant touring had more or less blown apart guitar player Roger Miller's ears. After their demise, drummer Peter Prescott decided to form Volcano Suns. Volcano Suns sound like a really drunk and rowdy version of Mission of Burma, which in case you were wondering, is a good thing. I'm not sure why these guys still haven't received a great deal of attention, because they certainly deserve it

- Steve

Download The Bright Orange Years

Mission of Burma - Live + Rarities

Every year the local college radio station here in Kalamazoo tries to bring in at least one national touring band to play. It's nice to see a solid show without having to drive up to 3 hours, because lets face it, most bands have no real desire to stop here. This time around we'll be getting Mission of Burma, which is pretty fucking awesome. For those of you don't know, Mission of Burma are post punk group hailing from Boston, and in my opinion the best American band of the 1980's (heres where all of you rabid Pixies fans feel the urge to crucify me). The thing that elevates Mission of Burma above their peers is the fact that they've never made a shitty record. These guys are old enough to be my dad, and last year released The Obliterati, an album that rocks significantly harder than 99% of the shit being put out by bands half their age. It's damn near impossible these days for bands that have been around for 20+ years, or get back together after a lengthy hiatus, to put out music that doesn't sound like a dated retread of past material. Even legends like Sonic Youth can't pull it off. The things I've compiled on this download range from live cuts, acoustic tracks, and some early demos. Even casual fans of the band should get a lot of enjoyment out of this stuff.

- Steve

Download Live + Rarities

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Spank Rock and Benny Blanco - Bangers & Cash

So far in 2007 there have been very few hip hop records that have really held my attention. With that said, I absolutely love this new release from Spank Rock and Benny Blanco. The entire record is an exercise in excess. The world of independent hip hop is so overpopulated with boring backpack rap that Spank Rock's over the top lyrics and production are a huge breath of fresh air. Overall, Bangers & Cash is a lot of fun, and guaranteed to make you look like a badass if you drive around blasting it with the windows rolled down.

- Steve

Download Bangers & Cash

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Gories - I Know You Fine, But How You Doin'?


(Link Fixed 10/20/07)

A solid decade before Meg and Jack White decided to start playing bass-less garage rock, Mick Collins and The Gories were creating their own blend of raw, stripped down, blues inspired rock n' roll. This album is the complete embodiment of everything that Detroit garage rock is all about. Highly recommended.

- Steve

Download I Know You Fine But How You Doin'?

Sightings - Through The Panama

NYC native noisemakers Sightings seemed to have set their sights on creating the ugliest record ever. In many respects, they've succeeded. With the mountain of distortion, scraping metal sounds, and feedback the group creates, you would think that the level of listenability would go by the wayside. Oddly enough this is a very listenable album, and one of the more interesting things I've heard in the last few months. This is not noise for the sake of noise, it's a calculated, creepy, sonic blast from three very talented musicians. A must hear for fans of any bands on the Load record label. Did I mention that Andrew W.K. produced this? Weird.

- Steve

Download Through The Panama

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ghost - Hypnotic Underworld


Ghost are a Japanese collective that have been making above average experimental psychedelic tunes since their conception in 1986. This is actually their only release that I have on my computer and I haven't had a chance to check out more of their material. I've been dying to hear there debut album, as I've heard many good things about it. All I know, is that this 2004 release is an essential download for lovers of true psychedelia. Whether they're rocking your balls off, serenating your erection away, or making noise even the Dalai Lama would enjoy, these fellows know the roots of the genre. Get to know them, and respect them because nor you or I are capable of doing that thing they do.

- Dan

Download Hypnotic Underworld

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jesu - Lifeline + Pale Sketches

2007 has really been Justin Broderick's year. I'm actually having a hard time keeping up with the man and his music. Lifeline marks his 4th release of new material in just eight months. Even more impressive is the level of quality. Each new record has been a step forward for Broderick as he continues to let Jesu evolve. My only complaint with this particular EP is the track with Jarboe (of Swans fame) on vocals. Still, I commend Broderick for trying something a little different. Pale Sketches is a collection of unreleased songs from Jesu's inception in 2000 to the present. Don't be fooled into thinking that these are just throwaway tracks-- most of them seem to have been left off simply because of how different they are when compared to everything else Broderick has recorded under the Jesu name. If you haven't heard Jesu yet, I'd recommend that you check out the other records that we've already posted first. While you're at it, try and pick up a copy of the self titled LP as well.

- Steve

Download Lifeline

Download Pale Sketches

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Go - Free Electricity


After scouring the internet for a few months now, I've finally dug up the Holy Grail/Ark of The Covenant of Detroit Rock n' Roll. Does Free Electricity live up to the myth and hype surrounding it? Ehhh... probably not, but that doesn't change the fact that from start to finish it's extremely solid, and possibly my favorite record by The Go. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this hasn't been released in some format by now. The title track alone would make this thing worth 10 or 15 of my hard earned dollars. Whether you're a fan of this band or not, I highly recommend checking out this album.

- Steve

Download Free Electricity

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Moccasin - Last Leaf

Ok, I sort of blew it here. A few days ago someone requested that we upload a record by a band called Apache. At the time I was almost positive that I had some Apache, but it turned out I was actually thinking of this band, Moccasin. I know, you ask for the Indian and I deliver the footwear. Not exactly what you were expecting. The good news is that Last Leaf is a really awesome record that I had completely forgotten about. So through my idiocy we're actually left with a reward. Moccasin are from Denver and seem to like drugs and reverb quite a bit. The bulk of these songs are slow burning psychedelic jams that give a nod to shoegazers like Ride, The Verve, and The Telescopes. All in all, a great record. Again, I'm sorry about the confusion. Just be glad that I didn't post this

- Steve

Download Last leaf

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Wolves In The Throne Room - Two Hunters + Diadem of 12 Stars

I can't even begin to wrap my head around just how strange this band is. That's saying quite a bit considering some the things Dan and I have posted on here. The guys in Wolves In The Throne Room live in the woods outside of Olympia Washington. They've taken this quaint way of living one step further than most would, and gone for the full blown Thoreau way of life. This includes growing their own food, raising livestock, and having a general disdain for anything related to the modern world. This odd lifestyle is directly reflected in the band's music. Despite being distinctly metal in every sense of the word, the songs still retain an odd organic feel that makes Wolves In The Throne Room unlike the bulk of American metal bands. The rhythm section is relentless, and the lo-fi production allows the innovative (but never flashy) guitar riffs to form a wall of sound that hits you in the face like a ton of bricks. The band even tosses in some folk elements, and on one track some hauntingly beautiful female vocals.

- Steve

Download Two Hunters

Download Diadem of 12 Stars

Monday, October 8, 2007

Venetian Snares - My Downfall (Original Soundtrack)

Yes yes, he has done it once again. This has been one of most anticipated releases this year, and I'm most certainly not disappointed. Only four tracks contain breaks of any kind, but the album remains just as consistant as any past releases. It's no doubt that some will be disappointed with this release, as it probably wouldn't intensify a drug experience the way most Snares releases would, but hardcore fans of Rossz csillag alatt született will likely drop another duece duece of love at first listen. Every track is rock solid, and Aaron Funk again convinces me that breakcore and classical music were meant to mingle.

- Dan

Download My Downfall (Original Soundtrack)

Neil Young - Dead Man OST

One of my favorite soundtracks. Half of the tracks are poetic excerpts of Johnny Depp reading the poetry of William Blake accompanied by the sound of chirping, rushing water, and rustling leaves. The other half of the tracks are incredibly badass, hypnotic, and experimental electric guitar solos provided by Neil Young. Each solo rolls, rumbles, reverberates, and perfectly echoes the spritual journey of William Blake. For whatever reason, the main theme is not included on the soundtrack, so below is video containing the track and clips from the movie. I suggest watching it.

- Dan

Download Dead Man OST

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Sunshine Fix - Age of the Sun

I don't really come across this album to much on other blogs so I figured it deserves a post. I bought this CD in late 2002 after hearing the opening track, which instantly retracted my genitals. This is a rock solid album from Bill Doss, member of the Elephant Six Collective and Olivia Tremor Control. Everything else released by the band is pretty mediocre, and it's virtually impossible to match the 1960s psychedelic pop pitched by Olivia Tremor Control, which has resulted in the overlooking of this album. I should have posted it back at the beginning of summer as it is a very fitting album for the warm weather, but the sun shines year-round, so give it a try anyways. For fans of The Beatles, Beach Boys, Of Montreal, or drugs.

- Dan

Download Age of the Sun

Sluts of Trust - We Are All Sluts of Trust

(LINK FIXED 2/19/08)

Glasgow based, sex obsessed, guitar and drum duo Sluts of Trust may just be the coolest band to come out of Scotland in the last few years. These guys manage to do a whole lot with very little. John MacFarlane's innovative guitar riffs absolutely soar over Roo Harris' manic drumming. The production here is top notch as well, and the arrangements are so well thought out that it's almost impossible to believe there's only two people playing. The band plays around with a lot of different styles on We Are All Sluts of Trust, but if I had to describe their music in general terms I would probably have to say that they sound like Queens of The Stone Age after a week long amphetamine binge. Overall, this is a very impressive debut.

- Steve

Download We Are All Sluts of Trust

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Phosphorescent - Pride

(LINK FIXED 11/04/2007)

I've actually been on a downloading binge as of late, but have not come across anything worth posting. I came across this album a few weeks back, and was pleasantly suprised. Phosphorescent, a.k.a Matthew Houck, has created a pretty outstanding album. You could probably lump his sound into this "New Weird America" genre that has been rapidly growing over the last few years, but Pride is uniquely different than most recent psychedelic-folk records. Harmony is a key ingredient to Houck's sound, and with repeated listens, "Phosphorescent" becomes an incredibly appropriate moniker for Matthew Houck (for those who don't know what phosphorescence is, look it up). Close your eyes, and put on a pair of headphones, and this album will hook you in immediately.

- Dan

Download Pride