Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mission of Burma - Live + Rarities

Every year the local college radio station here in Kalamazoo tries to bring in at least one national touring band to play. It's nice to see a solid show without having to drive up to 3 hours, because lets face it, most bands have no real desire to stop here. This time around we'll be getting Mission of Burma, which is pretty fucking awesome. For those of you don't know, Mission of Burma are post punk group hailing from Boston, and in my opinion the best American band of the 1980's (heres where all of you rabid Pixies fans feel the urge to crucify me). The thing that elevates Mission of Burma above their peers is the fact that they've never made a shitty record. These guys are old enough to be my dad, and last year released The Obliterati, an album that rocks significantly harder than 99% of the shit being put out by bands half their age. It's damn near impossible these days for bands that have been around for 20+ years, or get back together after a lengthy hiatus, to put out music that doesn't sound like a dated retread of past material. Even legends like Sonic Youth can't pull it off. The things I've compiled on this download range from live cuts, acoustic tracks, and some early demos. Even casual fans of the band should get a lot of enjoyment out of this stuff.

- Steve

Download Live + Rarities

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