Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Moccasin - Last Leaf

Ok, I sort of blew it here. A few days ago someone requested that we upload a record by a band called Apache. At the time I was almost positive that I had some Apache, but it turned out I was actually thinking of this band, Moccasin. I know, you ask for the Indian and I deliver the footwear. Not exactly what you were expecting. The good news is that Last Leaf is a really awesome record that I had completely forgotten about. So through my idiocy we're actually left with a reward. Moccasin are from Denver and seem to like drugs and reverb quite a bit. The bulk of these songs are slow burning psychedelic jams that give a nod to shoegazers like Ride, The Verve, and The Telescopes. All in all, a great record. Again, I'm sorry about the confusion. Just be glad that I didn't post this

- Steve

Download Last leaf

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hell yea moccasin is the shit
they make darker my love's pedals for them
- joe dobyns