Friday, October 19, 2007

Sightings - Through The Panama

NYC native noisemakers Sightings seemed to have set their sights on creating the ugliest record ever. In many respects, they've succeeded. With the mountain of distortion, scraping metal sounds, and feedback the group creates, you would think that the level of listenability would go by the wayside. Oddly enough this is a very listenable album, and one of the more interesting things I've heard in the last few months. This is not noise for the sake of noise, it's a calculated, creepy, sonic blast from three very talented musicians. A must hear for fans of any bands on the Load record label. Did I mention that Andrew W.K. produced this? Weird.

- Steve

Download Through The Panama


. said...

thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

Bit late to this, but the file's expired :(

Anonymous said...

Please renew this link! I'm dying to hear this record. I really like the rest of your blog as well. The Harvey Milk record is great!

Anonymous said...

yes. the blog is ok. please load more from load. the link is down.