Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Sunshine Fix - Age of the Sun

I don't really come across this album to much on other blogs so I figured it deserves a post. I bought this CD in late 2002 after hearing the opening track, which instantly retracted my genitals. This is a rock solid album from Bill Doss, member of the Elephant Six Collective and Olivia Tremor Control. Everything else released by the band is pretty mediocre, and it's virtually impossible to match the 1960s psychedelic pop pitched by Olivia Tremor Control, which has resulted in the overlooking of this album. I should have posted it back at the beginning of summer as it is a very fitting album for the warm weather, but the sun shines year-round, so give it a try anyways. For fans of The Beatles, Beach Boys, Of Montreal, or drugs.

- Dan

Download Age of the Sun

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