Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Volcano Suns - The Bright Orange Years

(LINK FIXED 8/24/08)

I might as well post this record as well because it sort of goes hand in hand with my last post. In the mid-80's Mission of Burma had to call it quits because the insanely high volume of their live shows coupled with constant touring had more or less blown apart guitar player Roger Miller's ears. After their demise, drummer Peter Prescott decided to form Volcano Suns. Volcano Suns sound like a really drunk and rowdy version of Mission of Burma, which in case you were wondering, is a good thing. I'm not sure why these guys still haven't received a great deal of attention, because they certainly deserve it

- Steve

Download The Bright Orange Years


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C. Knight said...

Pre-alt-rock era lurching loudmouths, Volcano Suns, are finally getting some reissue love. On January 27, 2009, Merge will release the first two Volcano Suns records—1985's The Bright Orange Years and 1986's All Night Lotus Party—on CD for the first time, remastered and with requisite extra tracks. The post-Mission Of Burma band, led by Burma drummer Peter Prescott, wailed out of the underground in the late '80s with a sound like the most volatile, if still catchy, end of MoB barreled forward by Prescott's inimitable howl.
This grateful deed comes on the heels of Merge's rescue job for another fine late '80s Boston band, Big Dipper, with their 3-CD reissue set earlier this year. The Volcano Suns and Big Dipper shared some members and the Homestead Records imprint early in their existence.

Tracklist For The Bright Orange Years:
01. Jak
02. Descent Into Hell
03. Truth Is Stranger Than Fishing
04. Balancing Act
05. Promise Me
06. (I'm Gonna) Make You Mine
07. Cover
08. The Mouth That Roared
09. Cornfield
10. Animals
11. It's Stewtime
12. Silvertone
13. Sea Cruise
14. Greasy Spine
15. Tree Stomp
16. Nature And Me
17. Old Paint
18. The Central
19. Local Wise Man
20. Testify (live on WERS)
21. 1999 (live on WERS)

Tracklist For All Night Lotus Party:
01. White Elephant
02. Cans
03. Room With A View
04. Blown Stack
05. Engines
06. Walk Around
07. Sounds Like Bucks
08. Four Letters
09. Dot On The Map
10. Village Idiot
11. Ride The Cog
12. Polythene Pam/Greasy Spine
13. Journey To The Center Of The Mind
14. Jazz Odyssey
15. Walk Around Dub
16. Sounds Like Bucks (live on WERS)
17. The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins (live on WERS)
18. Time Off
19. Magic Sky
20. Curse Of The Name
21. Junior
22. Superhappyfunmystery (bonustrack; 2009)

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I know this was a while ago, but the link is still good! Thanks a lot

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