Thursday, November 8, 2007


(LINK FIXED 11/18/07)

It seems like the last month or so has been pretty dry when it comes to new releases worth posting here. Dan actually tipped me off about this record and it took me a few days to track down a good copy of it. Honestly, you shouldn't even be reading this right now. Just stop and download this record immediately. Not only is this a stellar debut from a very promising band, this is without a doubt one of the best things that will grace your ears in 2007. If I was forced to pigeonhole HEALTH, I'd say that the music they make sounds like a more americanized version of Boredoms. This record is a full out sonic assault. The blasting noise, howling vocals, and amazing drumming will completely blow your balls through your ass one minute and lull you off into a trance the next. I should also mention that these guys routinely play free shows in L.A. So if you're in the area, check them out.

- Steve

Download HEALTH


gus said...

this. is. fucking sweet!! thank you for this great album!

Nicholas A. Szczepanik said...

I'm a little confused as to how to actually get this album and the Doormouse EP. I downloaded both (instantly), but it just gives me a blank text page.

I figured there might be a link inside the text page, but there isn't.

*clueless and confused*

Help please?

ongakubaka said...

do you have winzip?

Anonymous said...

if you downloaded it "instantly" it may not have even worked in the first place. when you click download, a prompt should pop up asking you to save or open the file. click save, and then unzip the file using winrar or winzip. if you right clicked on download you may have only saved it as an HTML document. hope that helps.

Nicholas A. Szczepanik said...

Ah, it was actually something wrong with Mediafire this morning. It worked fine now.

Thanks for the replies!

kieran said...

nope, still not working. i'm getting the 'instantaneous' treatment, at 0 kb.
please fix?

hot pocket said...

yeah it didnt work here either. said unknown format or damaged.

Howard said...

link doesn't work

Anonymous said...

I should notify my friend about it.