Thursday, December 20, 2007

The OngakuBaka Christmas Extravaganza

Sufjan Stevens - Songs For Christmas

A nice five disc set with plenty of interesting takes on Christmas classics as well as some original compositions. This is a good alternative to the standard Time Life Christmas album fare.

Download Vol. I

Download Vol. II

Download Vol. III

Download Vol. IV

Download Vol. V

My Morning Jacket - Does Christmas Fiasco Style EP

This might be one of the only Christmas records that I could listen to at any point during the year and not get annoyed. A couple of original tunes as well as a Nick Cave cover and an Elvis cover. If you're a fan of MMJ, you'll love this.

Download Does Christmas Fiasco Style EP

The Beatles - Fan Club Christmas Albums '63-'69

Every year before Christmas The Beatles would hit the studio and then hit the bong so that they could send out a special holiday record to the members of their fan club. While actual songs are often few and far between, the amusing rambling and storytelling make these a worthwhile download.

Download Fan Club Christmas Albums '63-'69

V.A. - Reggae Christmas From Studio One

The problem with Christmas albums is that most Christmas albums suck ass. So when we got a request for a reggae/dub Christmas record, I had a hell of a time tracking down something decent. For those of you who don't know, Studio One is the reggae equivalent to Motown records, pumping out the best that the genre had to offer. With that in mind, this is probably your best bet for some Jamaican inspired Christmas tunes.

Download Reggae Christmas From Studio One

- Steve

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the song previews! I downloaded Studio One Reggae Christmas and the password "ongakubaka" isn't working. I know this post is from 2 years ago, but is there another password that might work?