Friday, January 4, 2008

Dead Meadow - Old Growth

I really suck at skiing. I figured this out today when a few friends of mine convinced me to tag along with them on one of their various winter outings. I actually fell so many times that I'm almost positive that my tail bone snapped off and is currently floating around somewhere inside my ass. So after I got home I realized that this new Dead Meadow record is great to put on if you're lying in bed unable to move, self-medicating the best that you can. If you're not familiar with Dead Meadow, they're from D.C. and have been making some fairly solid psychedelic throwback rock and roll for the past decade. Sure they're not re-inventing the wheel, and the band's love of Black Sabbath and Led Zep may shine through just a little too much at times. With Dead Meadow though, the good usually outweighs the bad. This is some of the band's most interesting material to date, and definitely something worth checking out.

- Steve

Download Old Growth


Joel Lindelof said...

Not so sure about this one. I'm not sure the vocals can carry what Dead Meadow is trying to do with this release.

Anonymous said...

I'm really excited to see their show in Chicago tonight at the Empty Bottle. Any news on how the tour is going?

Ivan Jaspers said...

nice album, thanks for posting!