Monday, January 7, 2008

Howlin Rain - Howlin Rain

I haven't been listening to very much new music lately other than the Black Mountain and Dead Meadow records, but I saw that Howlin' Rain was touring with Black Mountain, who have decided to avoid Michigan for their massive tour, so I'm sure there will be some listeners on the lookout for this album before or after catching their live show on the west coast. I've been really enjoying this record for the last year or so. Ethan Miller, lead singer and guitarist of Comets on Fire, decided to stop rocking balls momentarily to make this more old-fashioned, unrestrained, and folk influenced rock and roll album. With the help of John Moloney of Sunburned Hand of the Man, Howlin' Rain has successfully created an album that won't blow your tits the way a Comets on Fire album might, but have made a virtually perfect album for taking a summer roadtrip, or for getting completely blown out and doing absolutely nothing. Either way, this has got plenty of soul.

- Dan

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this. i've been obsessed with the album painting since seeing it in the Such Hawks Such Hounds movie clip. I had no idea what it was for but just thought it was beautiful. looking forward to hearing the album.

joel said...

I was in howlin pain. This is like a poor mans Comets on Fire and maybe a testbed for what ended up on Avatar.

Daniel said...

love this album. can't wait for the new one that comes out in March. Please upload if it becomes available. Love your blog too. thanks for all the posts.