Sunday, January 20, 2008

Teeth Mountain - Various Songs

I haven't been posting here lately because a few weeks ago I had a hard drive burn out on me and lost roughly 20,000 Mp3 files. I've been working hard to recover the lost music, and thankfully I still have some stuff elsewhere on my computer. In between running data recovery software and cowering in the corner sucking my thumb in the fetal position (seriously, losing all of my music is right on the same level as being diagnosed with AIDS or having a family member die), I figured I could take some spare time to upload one of the few records I have left. The problem is, Teeth Mountain hasn't actually released a record yet, so really this is just a collection of the random tracks they have floating around on the internet at the moment. Normally I'd use this part of the post to tell you what Teeth Mountain sounds like so that you'll have a better idea of what you're downloading. This is the next problem I ran into; I cannot for the life of me think of a description that will accurately describe what this band sounds like. I think these pictures will do the band more justice than I ever could with words:

So this is Teeth Mountain

...and really all that I can say is that if you joined a cult, these guys would be the house band playing at every meeting. If you're looking for something new and different, and are a fan of percussion heavy avant-garde music, check this band out.

- Steve

Download Teeth Mountain


Moclippa said...

Thanks as always, running a great site here and helping me find music to buy and contribute to my ever growing record collection! Sorry to hear about your hard drive, had that happen to me recently... Now all my music is backed up to 3 hard drives, and if funds permit, yours should be too!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...


At this point Teeth MTN has several things out:
you can get a full length vinyl lp from Shadow Play records, a cd from Nail in the Coffin, a CDR from Discos in spain, and a tape from Night People.


Ben said...

I was trying to download this zip file every which way to no avail. Could you check to make sure it works still or somehow send me a link. I can't find teeth mountain stuff anywhere else. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

teeth mountain rips. too bad i didn't know about them when they were here.

Anonymous said...

yow! saw these cats couple weeks back, what a trip. thank you stupid music.

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