Sunday, January 27, 2008

Zs - Arms

This album isn't exactly difficult to come across in blogland, but it still deserves some attention on a blog like this. Zs sounds like a project that would be backed by Zach Hill or Tatsuya Yoshida. It's progressive free jazz math rock that demonstrates the possibilities of rhythm. Relentless improperly fractioned time signatures using percussion, brass, and clucking tongues. Sometimes the progressions don't go as far as I would like or hope, but I'm certain this album is a good enough release to make a strong run for my end of year list. Track 3 is an awesome track.

- Dan

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Nick P. said...

Thanks for the great review!
-Planaria Recordings

Gumo Ga said...

could you re-up this please?

sjugge said...
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sjugge said...

daim, I'd like a copy of this but the link looks dead... any chance for a re-up?

thanks in advance :)

Henrique said...

re-up, please!!!!