Monday, February 4, 2008

Deastro - Powered/The Phantom Clause/Powered #2

I got a chance to catch this dude, along with The Go, at Real Detroit's 9th Birthday Bash at the Magic Stick on Saturday night. I had heard a few tracks of his shortly before the show and was excited to see him with the help of a live drummer, which was excellent. I talked to him briefly following his set, and he suggested I download his free EPs from his myspace page, which I did, and have enjoyed thoroughly. The 3 four track EPs pictured above are included in this download, as well as four tracks from his 2007 full length The Young Planets, which was voted album of the year by Real Detroit Weekly. This is some wonderfully addictive nintendo influenced synthified electro-pop. He's hitting the road over the next few weeks, and I suggest you make your best effort to catch his/their energetic live show. Check his myspace page for tour dates, or to order a copy of The Young Planets. After hearing the track "The Old and the Treacherous," I have a feeling you'll be wanting a copy.

- Dan

Download Deastro


Mathew said...

this stuff is really good, thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

That myspace page has changed.

Anonymous said...

You can find the EPs and more interesting things on deastro's blog.