Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Limited Express (has gone?) - Feeds You!

A few years back, Limited Express (Has Gone?) opened up for Numbers @ Mac's Bar in Lansing, and even though they managed to make Numbers feel like the most boring band in the world, it's one of the most memorable shows I've been to. There was probably 10 of us there, but Limited Express didn't let that stop them from having a great time. There was an older gentleman right up front who seemed to be having the time of his life, dancing like nothing I had ever seen before. His moves had to be documented, but unfortunately all I had was a camera, so a few pictures from the show are posted below. It's hard to explain the appeal of Limited Express, but they remind me of a mixture of the cute, or sometimes annoyingly cute, Japanese female vocal bands like Melt Banana or Deerhoof with a more abrasive version the song structure of Bjork's former band, Sugarcubes, but I might be the only one that hears it that way. Mediafire was being shitty today so I had to resort to rapidshare, sorry.

- Dan

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Jessica said...

wow, mac's bar looks nothing like that anymore.

ongakubaka said...

ya i saw that mac's is all graffitied up now. unfortunately there aren't very many good shows there any more.

Rocky Bergen (Rockasoo) said...

I would agree with your comparison 100%. If I needed to transition from Deerhoof to Melt Banana, I would seriously consider Limited Express. Tiger Rock perhaps. Or Sounds Click - really cute song. Or maybe I'd go with 57-41 who knows... Just discovered your site today. On a d/l binge thanks to you.

kieran said...

that last picture is priceless.