Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Monotonix - Body Language EP + Cowboy EP

I'm pretty much head over balls excited for the last weekend of March. A weekend that will involve Acid Mothers Temple, Howlin Rain, and Monotonix on three consecutive nights. After coming across ridiculously consistant live reviews of Monotonix, particularly at SXSW, I decided to check the band out. After checking out their myspace, their pictures alone completely sold me. A hairy as fuck sweaty naked lead singer, trash cans on heads, and flaming cymbals (the literal kind, not the homosexual kind). At that point their sound was irrelevant to me, but, alas, they're pretty badass to the ears as well. So, I managed to track down every mp3 I could find of theirs, which included a self-titled release from last year, which includes the six tracks from their upcoming EP, Body Language, to be released via Drag City on April 22nd, and a random "Cowboy EP" I came across on Soulseek that I can't find any information on anywhere else. I can already tell that their recorded material will not do their live show justice, but the riff heavy Tel Aviv, Israel rockers know how to make some good tunes. A must hear.

- Dan

Download Body Language EP + Cowboy EP


Anonymous said...

Thanks bunches and such for this! Y'all on this site have introduced me to so much great, new music. Please keep it up! Also, I'm envious of your awesome upcoming weekend.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I've been looking for stuff from these guys for awhile. Enjoy the show in March.... good times will be had for sure!

Anonymous said...

i saw em and the singer wansnt naked but the mic did rub on his crotch


Anonymous said...

i'm having trouble with track 6 of body language not playing all the way through. the rest is excellent, thanks!

Snuggles said...

hi - thanks for sharing!
a few notes:
the mistakenly titled "Cowboy EP" is actually the monotonix's 1st EP, came out on 2006, simply entitled "Monotonix EP".

the two "CDR" files belong to an 8-song full album (entitled "Monotonix" i believe) the band have released in april 07'. that album includes the body language EP + 2 tracks: Wave In The Water and Hand On Hand.

i found this info on (hebrew though).

btw they have a new album! "Where Were You When It Happened?" 09'. new songs on myspace :)