Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crash City Saints - Returner EP

There are a lot of problems with living in Kalamazoo if you're a music fan, and most of them center on being exactly two hours away from both Chicago and Detroit. If you're an aspiring musician, why stick around in a shitty little city where most people could care less about your band, and if you're a touring band why bother to stop in a town where nearly every good venue has shut down? Travel just a little farther east or west and suddenly things are a lot better. Crash City Saints have stood defiantly for several years now as the rock n' roll messiahs of the world's worst college town. Now "seeing a local band" doesn't have to equate to drunkenly berating a group of cargo short wearing frat boy douche bags busting out sublime covers. Instead, if you happen to catch Crash City Saints live, you're in for one of Michigan's best kept secrets. The band seems to be perpetually stuck in the year 1990, which is fine by me because music sucked a whole lot less back then. Unlike other groups that have taken the shoegaze revivalist route, Crash City Saints have been able to retain the swirling ambient beauty that's often neglected. This EP is loud, noisey, and for lack of a better term, really fucking pretty. If you like what you hear, make sure you shell out a couple bucks for a copy of one of their records.

- Steve

Download Returner EP


eL stinkeyes said...

cool record. would you be interested if i sent you a EP from a austin band you might like?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, just email Dan and I.

The Fat Vat. said...

This album is great. Thanks for the heads up! Thanks for uploading the Witch album too. We've been looking for ages and can't find it anywhere.

Team Vat

Anonymous said...

please post nightdrive ep