Saturday, May 10, 2008

Black Pus - I

I downloaded this album back when it was free to download from Faux Fetus back in early 2005. Brian Chippendale decided to create a more intense, louder, and blatantly psychedelic version of Lightning Bolt. Blaring horns, screeching vocals, and the rhythms you've known and have loved from Chippendale make this one of the more insane albums I've ever heard.

- Dan

Download Black Pus I

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Eric said...

I got this along with Black Pus II from Faux Fetus a while back. I picked up III after a concert. I really like II the best: Kick out the pus is great. The last 25 seconds of The Devilhellipers is intense. In the Garden of BrackishPus is the best, though. I'm really excited about this new song he has on his myspace - The Wicked West or something like that. The video is sick.